The vision is to develop the personality and life skills of volunteers through Community Services. 


The motto of National Service Scheme is “NOT ME BUT YOU” in view of making the youth inspired 
in service of the people and hence NSS aims education through community service and community 
service through education.


Activities organized by NSS:


Program Officer:

 Assistant Professor Mr. Jayram Sunil Pawar 

Assisting Staff:

Assistant Professor Mrs. Surekha Vitthal Deshmukh 

Profile of Department of NSS:

National Service Scheme is the outcome of the idea of our father of nation; Mahatma Gandhi. The scheme was indented to realize the student their social responsibility and use their strength for the development of the society as well as to bring out the overall development of the student by enhancing their life skills. The scheme is implemented in India from 1969, in each university and college affiliated to them. Scheme is under the observation of Department of Youth Affairs and Sport, Government of India.The extension and outreach activity of the collage is carried out under the NSS Unit,which was established in the academic year 2013-2014. The vision of unit is develop the awareness of social responsibility and to create good citizens of the society;so as to maintain the socio – economical balance.

Student participation in NSS
Sr. No Academic year Males Females Total
1 2013-14 30 20 50
2 2014-15 34 16 50
3 2015-16 56 44 100
4 2016-17 54 46 100
5 2017-18 47 53 100
6 2018-19 85 65 150
7 2019-20 77 73 150