Best Practies

Best Practies

                         Title of the Practice :  Student Adoption Program  (SAP) 

Objectives : 

 To Provide Educational Opportunities to students.
 To create interest in learning among students.
 To solve the problem of educational expenses of students.
 Improving quality of students.
 To provide opportunities to students to achieve their goals.
The context:

Mandavagan Pharata is situated on the bank of river Bhima in Gon Shirur taluk and is located in the Sadan area. Due to the large number of agricultural laborers in this place, many laborers are employed in this place. It was pointed out that the children are adopted through the institute and the fees of such students are waived.


As such scheme of adopting students in the college started, other students also started getting information about the competitive examination. After the institution adopts the student, his educational fee is waived and he inscribes on the stamp along with other witnesses that his family will support him till the completion of his education. Do not interfere in any way, further such students are sent to Pune, Delhi for classes. Due to this, other students also started studying.

Features of facility:

1. College Development Committee monitors the mentorious students and decides to give them the benefit of this scheme
2 Financial condition and quality of students started to be checked frequently
3. The institution started bearing the entire expenses of the adopted students
4. Started conducting competitive examination guidance lectures in colleges
5. Students began to spend more time reading in the library

Evidence of success:

1. Students started preparing to become officers
2. Two started developing interest in education
3. Along with three MPSC and UPSC, students started studying for small posts like police recruitment
4.Four intelligent students started benefiting from this scheme


1. More criteria have to be applied to select talented students
2. Both parents have to convince the importance of education
3. Mental preparation of three students

Resources Required: 

1. Cooperation of Villagers
2. Setting up two best classes
3. Provision of three required books   
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Title of the practice :   Addiction Relief Campaign - Awareness Objectives : 1. To identify and study social problems and through students Awareness of the problem. 2. To provide a platform for discussion between students parents villagers. 3. Involving student teachers and villagers in social activities. 4. To free the young generation from addiction. 5. To promote what is good for society. The context : “Gyanadhin Jagat Sarvam” is the motto of our institute and we are committed to follow it Engaging the college students in co-curricular and extra curricular activities The college educates the society on various topics In order to eradicate the growing addiction in the society by going to the schools colleges in the village to take oath of de-addiction to all. Keep in mind the intention to stay away from addiction The activity is organized in our colleges. Practice : Keeping in mind the intention of the college to implement the de-addiction campaign, the college constituted a special committee to organize such extended activities. Schools, colleges, villages in the area to look after all the arrangements for the de-addiction campaign. NSS more program officers are appointed as coordinators. College including congregations as well as commendable individuals  Looking at the addiction campaign. Features of the campaign : 1. Villagers are attracted to de-addiction campaign. 2. School students as well as young generation started to stay away from addiction. 3. Shopkeepers stopped selling addictive items. 4. Understand the benefits of better health. 5. Addicts were banned from the college premises. Proof of success : 1. Addiction is reduced. 2. Raised the standard of healthy living. 3. Maximum number of students got free from addiction. Difficulties : 1. Convince shopkeepers. 2. Repeatedly explaining to the students to stay away from addiction. 3. Health of students Conducting frequent health checks. Required resources : 1. Involvement of villagers. 2. Participation of shopkeepers. 3. Conduct awareness programs.
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