Canteen & Hostel


Logo Hostel is Available in college Campus building with bed occupancy rooms. There are 2 hostels (Separate hostel for Girls and Boys) with a total capacity of 250+ occupants. Apart from the basic amenities like bed, chair, table, water cooler, solar water heater, mess facility is also available for breakfast, tea, lunch and dinner. The admissions to the hostel are merit based.
  • To provide safe, well furnished, decent accommodation with good surroundings to students.
  • To provide homely, lively and healthy atmosphere congenial for the academic achievements.
  • To provide parental care and supervise the well being of hostilities.
  • To sort out students grievances promptly.
  • To inculcate self discipline, healthy habits, exemplary character, high values and confidence in the youngsters.
  • To give an opportunity to interact freely, organize, lead and give good experiences for development of student’s personality.

Conditions for Hostel admission
  • Admission to the college does not mean admission to the hostel. Owing to limited available seats, hostel admission cannot be assured to every college student.
  • A student joining the hostel can join the hostel mess also.
  • Signature of guardian on hostel is mandatory.
  • Fees be paid on the day the Rector signs the form.
  • Admission is confirmed only on the payment of fees .
  • Admission will be cancelled if a student or parents give incomplete or wrong information in the application form.
  • Students and parents are requested to read all the information and rules and regulations of hostel before submitting the application form.

Eco friendly atmosphere
in the campus utilizes all the waste material of the Kitchens. All rooms and corridors are very decently painted and maintained.
How does a student procure hostel admission?
Any college student in is eligible for hostel admission. A student desirous of seeking admission to the hostel should procure and fill in the hostel admission form in all details and submit the same in the hostel office with Two I-Card size photographs. All fees must be paid at the time of hostel admission.
Rules for Hostel admission
  • Admission shall be made according to merit and reservation criteria. Only students having good academic record shall be considered for hostel admission. A student must obtain minimum 50% marks to be eligible for admission in the next year. Some seats are reserved for the management.
  • Students who have been penalized for indiscipline in the previous year or whose behavior was not satisfactory in the opinion of Rector shall not be eligible for admission in the next academic year.
  • Local students, married students, repeaters and employed persons shall not be eligible for admission.
  • Admission of students found medically unfit in the medical examination shall be cancelled.

Hostel activities
Festivals such as Dussera, Saraswati poojan, Gudhi padva, Makar sankrant, Raksha bandhan, Diwali shall be celebrated. Special days such as Vivekanand Jayanti, Teachers’ day, Shivjayanti, Ganapati Festival, celebrated.