Maintenance Procedure & Policies

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities -
The Physical Facilities Including Laborites, Classrooms and Computers etc. are made available for the students those who are admitted in the college.
The maintenance and the cleaning of the classrooms and the Laborites are done with the efforts of non teaching staff. Cleaning of campus, Laborites,
Library, Sports Complex, Computers, Classrooms and other physical infrastructure, maintenance of Garden, Landscapes, beautification of the college campus.
Maintenance and repair of infrastructure, equipment’s and other support facilities. Physical faculties related maintenance done regulatory as per
requirements college have various equipment’s like Generator, 2 Xerox machines, 4 Printers, CCTV Cameras & Inverter etc.

Separate Toilet and bathrooms is made for Boys and Girls as well as Male & Female Staff. Parking facilities available for students & staff.
The Academic support facilities like Library the Sports & the others platforms supporting overall development to the students like NSS
or Competitive Examinations etc. is open not only to the college students but also to all the Stakeholder in the surrounding with prior permission of
the authority.

A Competitive Examination is Established by the college which supports the students preparing them for Completive Exam & motivate them for debate
competition etc. The Maintenance of this Department done with the nominal Membership Fees.
• We provide mess, Hostel for Students.
• Our College Campus is Plastic free eco friendly campus.
• We are Work Green Campus and Clean Campus.
• We Provide mobile zone for the students & staff because mobile is prohibited in college campus for staff & students.
• Our college provide to students canteen facilities in which only healthy food serve to students & staff not only junk food.
• Our Campus is Reduces the electricity bill because we provide the solar system at boys hostel & girls Hostel.
• Water purifier & cold water storage is available for staff & students.
• Separate Offices in the college:- Principal Office, Administrative Office, CEO office, Exam Strong Room, NSS Office, IQAC Co-ordinator Office,Placement Office,
Health Center, Boys & Girl Common room, Staff Common room, Student Development Welfare Office etc.
• IT Facility.