Grievance Redressal Cell

The complaints are dropped by the students into the students’ grievance redressal box cum suggestion box.
This box is opened on every last Saturday of the month by the members of the cell. If opening of the box 
on the last saturday of the month becomes too inconvenient due to unavoidable circumstances, some other 
day is selected by the members of the cell. The grievances regarding schedule of the academic timetable
and inadequate teaching of some faculty, library, canteen and washroom are taken up in the meeting of 
students grievance redressal cell. The complaints which are more severe in nature, such as misbehaviour, 
misconduct, unwanted touches and objectionable utterance by the members of the faculty or office are 
referred to the Internal Complaint Committee and Anti Sexual Harassment Committee. The Internal Complaints
Committee (ICC) has been formed in the college on June 2013.