Future Plans

As the institute is established to empower the students in the rural areas to build the skills as well as the values in the activities the institute has the plan of action for the next year in the form of the some goals to be achieved.

Goal 1
Improvements in teaching and learning system:
By upgrading the staff by its qualifying values the institution is supposed to appoint the qualified eligible and efficient staff in the same way by providing all teaching aids as well as digital is the institute is supposed to improve its teaching learning system.

Goal 2
Improve the progress of learners:
By delivering the knowledge by means of every possible way the institute is intended to improve the experience of learners to improve their advancement in activities and career.

Goal 3
Build strong bridges between education and Society:
By providing skilled manpower as well as quality assurance the institute is intended to build a stronger bridge between education and Society.

Goal 4
Advanced scholar productivity and help in National Policy:
By promoting various research activities like research paper innovations conferences by increasing the capacity of the faculty in departments centers to conduct Research and obtained extramural funding by developing internal support strategies that allow faculty opportunities to increase the proportion of their full time equivalent dedicated to research.