Institutional Distinctiveness

The institute itself established in the natural area and circumstances as well as in the rural areas. It is established as an experimental and Pioneer Institute in rural area.Since established in the year 2012 and 13 the college is providing educational services in the hope that they will be base to the solutions to problems in the communities, making students self sufficient and sustainable. The institute is intended to provide efficient educational system with the help of good recent environment teaching methods and tools which has the following objectives among its main objective:

● to develop better citizens for the tomorrow's India
● To develop young Minds in academic Ambience to inculcate professionalism and to make them capable to welcome the future challenge.
● To provide qualitative education in rural area
● To provide all the physical facilities along with best infrastructure to motivate and improve their skills and talent.
● To develop skills among the students
● To provide great opportunities of placement
● To create all managerial and Technical skills among the students

Vision and Mission of the institution “Quality is our soul” with remembering this Moto the institution is going to introduce new education hub Indore rural area.
it want to make participate all the hidden qualities among those rural students who are priceless and undivided part of our nation.
We are confident about their talent. They are able to lead the world. We hope that they will contribute their talent,
skill and knowledge in the prosperity of our nation. The institution has student Central environment in which intellectual cultural social physical and recreational needs of the students are met.
the an institution also is committed to implement continuously improving quality resources and infrastructure facility for
imparting quality education using contemporary teaching techniques.